Roam keeps you moving!

Roam Special Cycles Ltd. is a manufacturer of special bikes with many different purposes. From low entry level bikes to custom made bikes for the disabled.
One of the main products is the Handbike, a bicycle part that can be attached to a wheelchair with one single click.

At Roam it’s all about the customer and we take the time to discuss all possibilities and people’s wishes.

One can see an overview of all of your cycles on this page. Click on a photo to get more information about that particular cycle. If you want more information, you can always cotact us.

An order can be placed directly at Roam, but also at one of our 86 dealers in the Netherlands, Belgium, England and France.

ROAM Special Cycles
Haarstraat 19B
5324 AM Ammerzoden

Tel. 073 599 7042