New at Roam: The Connect Carrier

Roam has again another unique special cycle: our Connect series has been extended with the Connect Carrier, a multipurpose transporter with a net loading capacity of up to 140 liters! Obviously, this Carrier (like all other members of the Connect series) can be attached to the wheelchaier with one single click.

With this unique cycle, transport problems are now a thing of the past. Shopping, walking the dog, going out with the children, just a few of the countless tasks for which the Connect Carrier can be used. Travelling is easy thanks to the powerful electro-support with a range of up to 30 km.

Click here to see all features and options of the Connect Carrier.

Click here to download the flyer of the Connect Carrier.

Watch the Ready To Go movie

The new Roam “Ready To Go” productcatalog 2014-2015 is available!


NEW: Renewed electric bike system support 36V

This new electro-support battery has a greater range and can reach up to 70 km thanks to a much lighter battery. There is also a standard starthelp button present. The level of support is adjustable in 6 positions. Among others the E-Bike and the Handbike Electro are equipped with this new battery pack


Freedom Handbike


New at ROAM: Connect follower


New at Roam: Rider with seat

The Rider with seat is the latest member of the Rider family. Thanks to some ergonomic adjustments this bike has a very comfortable seating- and pedaling-position. The main difference with the basic Rider is the replacement of the saddle with a very comfortable seat with backrest. If desired, the seat can be extended with armrests and two- or three-point safetybelts.

Click here to see all features and options of the Rider with seat.


Maikel Govaarts Dutch Champion MTB 2011 Masters!

Roam congratulates Maikel Govaarts with his title Dutch Champion MTB 2011 Masters. A great performance!


Prototype Roam Racer Handbike with Shimano electronic gear shift

Roam develops new Racer Handbike with electronic gear shift. We show you some pictures here.


ROAM Cycle Clothing

Roam proudly presents its new cycling clothing. This beautifully designed clothing is of excellent quality. Perfect moisture wicking and in addition, the material is light and has an excellent fit. A perfect blend of high quality material and a “Roam-design”. Contact us on how you can get hold of this beautiful cycle clothing.


ROAM expanded its business significantly in 2009

Roam Special Cycles has expanded its premises in 2009. The surface was more than doubled. The modern building is wheelchair friendly and is of course equipped with toilets for disabled persons as well as a spacious lunchroom / waiting area.

ROAM ISO9001 certified

Quality first at ROAM! Proper material selection and adjustment to specific customer requirements are fully integrated into our approach. For this, in december 2002 Roam was rewarded with the ISO 9001 Certificate by Bureau Veritas Quality International.

Tricycle with blue flashing light

Together with the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Tilburg Roam has developed a special ambulance-bike. The bike is equipped with resuscitation equipment and is used in the hospital and the surrounding area.